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Extreme rudeness should not be forgiven.

Maybe being just rude is the way young people do it today but when it happens you really want to beat the offender. I had a scheduled match with Suzanne aka Vulcan Night Bird she set an appointment foer a match and then just stood me up. No e-mail no notice at all when I finally reached her days later she complained about a large font I was using that I had no knowledge about and she complained about me pushing her for the match. Just a boat load of excuses. I fixed the font problem and apologized for the font but she never apologized for the standup. She also never rebooked the fight.. Her being a coward might be ok if she backed out of the fight in an adult way. This is all mental stuff not an in your face in a real ring fight. No bodies will be hurt. I do think in a real fight she might of been able to win with leg attacks to my body leaving me beaten at her feet but that could of happened in the cyber ring too. But she just did act like a coward. Then you really want to beat the !@#$.
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