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Another Asian loss

August 24, 2017 at 9:20pm

I just got my butt handed to me in a school girl pin match. My female friend from Japan named Shigako challenged me. She told me how she would wrestle her friends and sit on their neck until they gave up. She then told me that she thinks she can beat me. So we went to my bed room. With both of us in black spandex shorts we both tried to force one another down. After about 5 minutes of struggling Shigako bent my wrist back and she managed to get me flat on my back. Or thighs surrounded my waist as she tried to pin my arms back. She finally did and she giggled as I bucked like a wild bronco. She told me to give up or she would sit on my face. I ignored her warning thinking I could buck off this 116lb women. She then got her hips over my face and sat on my face. I kicked wildly and then tired out and tapped on her thigh to let her know that she had just beat this guy. This 4ft 11 asian woman then decided to get behind me and put me in a fig 4 head scissors. I gasped for air as her skinny creamy thighs choked the life out of me. She then reverse facesat me asking if I had enough. I said yes and begged he not to put me in anymore hold.

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Embarrassing loss to a skinny Asian female

July 3, 2017 at 7:55am

A while back I went to an Asian massage parlor. I originally wanted to just get a massage, but then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to wrestle. I entered the parlor and a skinny short haired asian woman about my height met me in the lobby. She was wearing a black laced thong that seemed like it was flossing her butt. Her legs were long and smooth, but firm. Her measurements were about 35-22-35. She asked me what kind of massage I wanted. I told her that I wanted to wrestle her. She replied," What!" She told me no. She started to walk away and i told her that I would pay her $150 just to wrestle me and that i would pay her another $150 if she beat me. She said ok, follow me. She led me to a large room that had a blue exercise mat. She faced me and said to me , " are you ready to lose?" I ignored her comment asi cautiously circled her. I thought to myself i will just grab her get her down and choke her with my arms for the win. I took a step toward her and we both locked hands trying to force one another down. She then side stepped me and got me in a headlock. She then got me on her hip and flipped me over. My back hit the ground and knocked all the air out of me. Before I could even catch my breath, the skinny asian woman got behind me and put me in a figure 4 headscissors hold. This woman's long smooth legs were very strong. It felt like a python was around my neck. I gasped for air as she tightened the hold. I finally managed to pry her thighs apart. We both got to our feet and I charged at her full force. She side stepped me and I went crashing to the mat face down. She then stood over me and put me in a camel clutch hold. I screamed like a little girl. I couldn't cry out for help because it was just me and her in the building going at it 1 on 1. She released the hold and pulled both my arms back till my body arched back. She taunted me say, " I make sure you are stretched out so you no pull muscles! Tears were in my eyes not because i was on my way to losing $150 but because of the pain i was in. She let me up and we both circled each other. This time as i went to lock hands with her she managed to get behind me and she put me in a full nelson. I dropped to my knees and she released the hold and pushed me down to where I was on my hands and knees. She then straddled my back and made me crawl on my hands and knees as she spanked me hard on my butt. I then collapsed flat on my belly because my arms and legs could no longer support her weight. She then got off of me and turned me to my back and sat on my face. I bucked and kicked using my legs but i could see that it was futile. I started seeing stars dance around my face so i stopped struggling. When the asian women saw that i was done fighting she got off of me. She then stood over me and place her foot over my face as she flexed her arms claiming her victory over me. She then dragged me to the middle of the mat and turned me to my belly and sat on my back . She then gave me a memorable relaxing massage.
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