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posticon Just a few little pointers.

Primary language is english, please no offending naked pictures in your posts, either in the members or signature etc. Please dont offend anyone, we are all equal.

No copywrited material can be posted, this is an open forum, try to stay in topic.

There is great free uploading sites if your stuck on where to put them for us guys to see.

For pictures. imgur ...example

For video use mega or media fire (please no copywrited content) or youtube links

Please be aware that members paysite matches and pictures are copywrited material and will be removed and the poster will have a warning only once before i use the ban-hammer on them. Please only public domain material please (tv, movies, magazines).

No porn please also i must stress this, this is about wrestling in clothing (as little as possible sometimes, but know one is offended by a butt cheek here and there) so please for the sake of all things decent, no porn or the ban hammer will strike without warning.

Please do not put links up for pornhub or xvideo or similar free porn sites. Most of the stuff there is not owned by them and breaking this rule is the same as breaking the copywrite stuff i mentioned.

Please no content with people under 18, that also means people posting in the personal section/cyber wrestling.

Please remember the fundamentals of this forum, its about meeting, chatting or sharing with people who love female wrestling/combat.

That's about it, hope everyone has fun here.

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